Morgan and the artist Katie Freygang created 12 Robes of  Honor for the 2009 Hudson River Procession
with the help of the students of PS89 and the Henry Street Settlement Afterschool Program (pictured below)
They were painted with paints made of cabbage, beats, spices and milk.
See the Procession and us at work here:


Katie Freygang and Janet Morgan
at the Procession

The Hudson River Procession was created by Earth Celebrations
involving hundreds of artists, dancers, musicians, students and volunteers 
in order to celebrate the making of the HudsonRiver  in lower Manhattan 
into the first urban National Seashore. 
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Henry Street Settlement After School Program


The Honorees gather at the start of the procession

Lion's Main Jelly (back)


Spotted Trunk Fish (front)

Spotted Trunk Fish (back)

Gulls (back)

Gulls (front)


Diamond Back Terripin (Turtle) (front)

Diamond Back Terripin (Turtle) (back)



Sheepshead Fish (Jail Fish)


Horseshoe Crab (back)


Sturgeon (front) Symbol of the Riverkeepers

Seahorse (back)


Grass Shrimp (front)

Grass Shrimp (back)


Eel (back)

Lion's Main Jelly (front)


Blue Crab (back)

Blue Crab (front)

The Procession on the Hudson River, New York City.

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