New Deities! 2011...they need love! Poems, art, prayers...


Cat Spirit Playing


Bee Goddess


Goddess of Getting it Right the First Time



and more...


God of Adrenaline

Look at these deities....

these deities who need some attention,
some beseeching
some love

If they inspire you, 
scare you, or make you laugh, 
write a few lines and 
email them to me. 

We'll put them up on Morgan's Supreme Beings!

email me

The Alchemists

Night Spirit of Andalusia


An Aquarian

The Goddess of Conquest


The Goddess of Astor Place


The Goddess of  Balance


Brewer's Spirit


Fertility God of New Orleans


The God of War

Goddess of The Book


Dance Spirit

Difficult Little Spirit

The God of Electricity and Sound
(more available upon request)


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